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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Dear Inner Circle,

The greatest loss in life is the ability to say, “Wow”. Our most attractive version of ourselves is the self that says, “Wow”, in the presence of the awesome. Now, the awesome is always present but most of the activities and arrangement-making that life demands of us rarely engages the self that says, “Wow”. Mostly life’s activities such as politics and economics engage us only as centres of work and effort whose value someone will estimate and use. There is not much room for “Wow” as we make a living or do battle with the world for a fairer deal. There is nothing wrong in making a living nor in doing battle with the world, but if life were to consist of these things alone, the self that stands before the awesome and says “Wow” will slowly suffocate.

There is no secret in obtaining the wisdom of a child. It would be silly to go looking for that which is everywhere to be found. I once saw my three-year-old granddaughter walking toward Bondi Beach, her hand in her father’s hand. The look on her face will be with me to my last breath. Her face said everything I need to know about wonder, security and love. I aspire to such wisdom. The awesome can be found in a face, a tree, an ocean or a cat. The awe goes missing when we think we know everything; when we can analyse something or become masters of something. When a person becomes a husband, a wife, a client or any kind of “thing”, the precious gift of wonder is lost. It’s way easier to love the whole world than it is to love the person next to you. The hardest of all to love are those you think you know the best. I’ve known my daughter for 35 years and I never meet her without an element of, ‘not knowing’. I always stare in wonder and awe and I always say, “Wow”.

Less than an hour ago, I saw a young fellow sitting at the front of our building, looking pretty dejected. I was surprised to see him because he’d told me that he was due to enter rehab yesterday. I sat with him and said, “This isn’t what I expected.” This really good looking man, who is usually so positive and who has been doing so well, put his head on my chest and wept. “I f***ed up”, he said. Normally at Wayside the word, “f***” is an adjective but on this occasion, it was a verb. He f***ed up. I put both arms around him and said, “You, my friend, are a good man. Don’t lose the bigger picture here. Every good man f***s up every now and then. The key issue is not whether you f*** up but whether you beat yourself up once you f*** up.” I told him that I once had to tell my father that I’d disappointed him in a way that I knew would break his heart. I was expecting a long lecture but instead all he did was quote a verse of Scripture to me. He said, “The steps of a good man are ordered of the Lord and he delights in his way, though he fall, he will not be cast down for the Lord upholds him in his hand.” I walked away lifted and inspired because I realised my Dad was telling me that I was a good man. My dear brother left me to talk to one of our staff about how he might make a new plan for rehabilitation.

We conducted the funeral of a homeless man yesterday. It was an awesome occasion because the tributes we heard about the man made me realise yet again that some of the most inspired lives are lived by people who have achieved nothing by any of the measures we use. Person after person told how this man would say that if you had food and clothes and friends that you were among the luckiest in the world. He had a reputation for bringing a smile to the faces of those whose luck had run out. He had a gift for finding the funny. Some of the attendees at this funeral had been drinking before they stepped into our Chapel. On our sound system I played at top note, “I wish you were here” by Pink Floyd. The song set off such emotion among those who were a tad under the influence, that some spontaneous liturgical dancing resulted. It was ok. This is the Wayside. One person said, “Our mate would not want any of us crying today. How many times had he made us laugh when everything looked bad? If you are going to cry, cry for the bloke who runs the bottle shop because his business has taken a major hit this week.”

Awesome. Thanks for being part of our inner circle.


Rev Graham Long AM

CEO & Pastor

The Wayside Chapel

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