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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Dear Inner Circle,

A woman sat so close to me in the café this morning that to even pick up my cup of coffee was awkward. “Do you have a job?” she asked. “Yes I have a job” I replied. “Do you have a car?” she asked. “Yes” I said, “I have a car”. “Do you have a wife?” was the next question. When I replied, “Yes, I’m married to a lovely woman” my interrogator suddenly lost interest and moved away.

Leslie is a person whose entrance into any room, warms it up. Every day of my life I’m in awe of the team of people who give their lives to serve others at Wayside. Leslie is a youth worker and as she walked in this morning, about ten people all lit up in some way or yelled out, “Hi”. One big boofy fellow got up and gave her a hug. The bloke sitting next to me turned and said, “That big bloke seems to get away with hugging women. I think it's because he’s old and big and he's like everyone’s grandfather. Some blokes” he said, “can’t get away with it because the women just know somehow that it wouldn't be ‘a thing’”. “So” I said, “if you hugged Leslie, would there be ‘a thing’”? He replied through a warm, wide smile, “It would definitely be ‘a thing’ and she’d know it and put me in my place.”

On her way to Wayside early in the morning our Marketing and Fundraising Manager Laura ended up anointing the face of a homeless man with her tears. It had been a cold night and the poor man had died right next to his park bench. There were other rough sleepers nearby who had not yet roused to discover their mate had departed this life. In an instant, Laura’s world changed from a brisk pace and a head organising the day to being paralysed by grief, confronted by the finality of death. This poor man was someone’s father and someone’s son and he died alone, cold and ignored. In a week where we consider politicians hiring helicopters at tax payer expense or when one politician’s expenses amounted to $800,000 for 12 months, it’s sobering to see where their much talking and little action finishes; people dying, cold and alone. Laura wrote beautifully of her day and it was published in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday. You can read the article here.

Some have read Laura’s article and phoned or e-mailed to ask how they might help. There is always something that can be done. If you have some spare blankets, bring them in, or if you can send sleeping bags or undies, towels or shampoo, it all helps. If you can make a financial gift, we’ll add all our energy to it to make sure it is applied to maximum effect for those who suffer the most. If you have nothing to give, there is still much you can do. When you pass a homeless person and you don’t have a coin, shake them by the hand and say “hello” and then be on your way. Politicians spent millions discussing homelessness to discover what Bill Crews or I could have told them for nothing and in 5 minutes. We can do better than this if we have a will to do it, and it can only do good if you express your views to your own Federal and State politicians and get this issue back onto their agendas.

Plato thought that democracy was a degeneration of polity in the same way that tyranny was a degeneration of monarchy. As we’ve witnessed the emergence of “Reclaim Australia” recently, it concerns me that we give all votes an equal value. Any student of history will know that the easiest thing in the world to organise is a hateful mob. Such mobs thrive on ignorance and fear. If you listen to the shrill voices, you’d think Muslims were soon to be in the majority in Australia instead of just being about 2% of the population. A mate who is a business man and an atheist told me of a time when he was doing business in a Muslim country and through circumstance found himself in a line up of men who were about to pray. He told me how strange it felt to kneel and place his forehead, the most exalted part of his body, to the ground. I said to him, “Don’t tell me you suddenly believed in God”. “Not at all” he replied, “but I was very moved by it and what I knew was that I wasn’t God”. Everything this man has ever touched has turned to success and you could see how this moment was both a struggle and a revelation. Go to a public park on any Saturday and Sunday and note how many family groups are Muslim. Especially notice how many of these groups have fathers who are playing with children and fully involved in the recreation. This country doesn’t need to be reclaimed, it needs to be reframed and we need all the help we can get from our Muslim brothers and sisters.

Thanks for being part of our inner circle,


Rev Graham Long

CEO & Pastor

The Wayside Chapel

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