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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Dear Inner Circle,

Walking down toward Circular Quay the other day, hand in hand with my 10-year-old granddaughter, filled me with a sense of wellbeing like no other time and no other situation. There were people everywhere which caused us to duck and dash just to make progress. Suddenly my beautiful girl said, “Step on a line, break your spine. Step on a crack, break your Mum’s back”. I didn’t want to be responsible for anyone getting a serious injury so the both of us started to take sideways jumps; tiny steps or huge leaps in an effort to ensure our feet landed right in the middle of the squares in the footpath. No doubt those around us thought this was inconvenient and perhaps antisocial but we were both laughing so much, neither of us cared. I guess people don’t mind much when 10-year-old girls behave like 10-year-old girls but they probably mind a bit when an old grandfather behaves like a 10-year-old kid.

Quite a young man yesterday asked if he could see me and assured me that it would just take 5 minutes of my time. We stepped away from the crowd in order that we could hear each other. “I can hardly believe I’ve got a few minutes for us to have this conversation” he said. “Well,” I said, “I apologise that I’m really pushed for time but that is the kind of day I’m having.” A few awkward moments passed while I thought he must be wrestling with express whatever it was that was bothering him. “Can you tell me a joke?” he asked. I started to gather that this man was not very well. I told him a Dad joke! He told me it was the worst joke he’d heard ever! I was looking for a way to get on with my day so I explained that I was hoping to get away on a short holiday but that there were many little jobs for me to squash into the next few days. He looked quite concerned and said, “I suspect I’m not really old enough to fill in for you while you’re away.” I thanked him for the kind offer but explained that telling dreadful jokes was part of the job description.

Last Sunday was Easter and I’m pleased to say we had a massive crowd to celebrate the day at Church and then we had a sit-down lunch for 140 people. An ABC crew filmed the whole day and we achieved some great publicity on the TV news that day. I finished the day filled with admiration for the staff and especially the enthusiastic crew of volunteers. I’m not sure if you can imagine the logistics of feeding 140 people a sit-down meal and to serve good quality, home cooked, well presented and hot food. To do that in a timely way and then to get everything packed up with a clean kitchen, dishes washed, and chairs and tables back in their right place was quite a feat. Our people worked hard and a fabulous community event was the result. My deepest, highest, widest thanks to all involved.

Recent notes have been heavy going but I’ve got nothing but good news to report today. We’ve had a couple of beautiful happy weddings this week. One so large today that there is no way we’ll fit everyone in the building and another the other day that was so small there were no official witnesses. I had to grab a couple of volunteers who at no notice found themselves participating in a wedding. I’ve done many such small weddings and on every occasion, our beautiful volunteers have instantly brought joy and celebration as if it were long standing friends who were getting married. Tiny or large, the weddings this week were equally beautiful.

One more granddaughter story. Miss 8-year-old said to me on the weekend, “When I grow up, I’m going to be just like my Aunty Mandy. I’ll have a car just like her and I’ll have my own unit just like her but instead of a cat, I’ll have a penguin.”

Thanks for being part of this inner circle,


Rev Graham Long AM

CEO & Pastor

The Wayside Chapel

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