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Mardi Gras - 3 March 2012

Mardi Gras filled the streets with love on Saturday, 3 March 2012 and The Wayside Chapel was there with our fabulously over-the-top float.

Forty visitors, volunteers, supporters and staff members took part in Wayside's float to show our love and support for the LGBTQI communities. Twenty-four float participants kept the crowds happy with a choregraphed dance and our Wayside angels blew countless kisses to the audience from the float.

Wayside’s message for Mardi Gras this year was simple: LOVE TO BE.

“Under the banner of ‘love over hate’, Wayside has, for a very long time, offered people a place where they are welcome just ‘to be’; a place where no-one is judged and everyone is loved. Mardi
Gras is a celebration of unity through difference; of everyone’s right to be; of everyone’s right to love
and to be loved. With this in mind, we chose ‘love to be’ for our theme this year,” said Rev. Graham
Long, Pastor and CEO.

Our Mardi Gras float would not be possible without the generosity of many organisations and individuals (listed below). We would like to offer our deepest thanks to everyone that made our Mardi Gras dreams come true.

You can see photos from the event below.

For further information contact Laura Watts- 02 9581 9108, 0406173004 or

We would like to thank the following people and businesses for helping with Mardi Gras.
      Margaret Butler and the team at and Blueprint for the generous donation of $3000 to be our official sponsors and for your ongoing and relentless support of everything we do at The Wayside Chapel.
   Fyaz Gill from Artel Construction for putting $1000 towards our float and for providing two builders on construction day at your own cost.
Caroline Choker and Natalie Longheon from The Artistry for bringing the design of our float to life. Thank you for the countless unpaid hours you gave to make sure our float looked gorgeous.

Andy Benke from Juice Promotions for the donation of $250 and for getting our t-shirts and branded lollipops for cost price.
Jada Bennett and Liz Penfold-Clare from Decorative Events for putting the love-heart together with love and for giving us a generous discount.

Antoinette Barbouttis and the team from UrsaClemenger for coming up with the original design of the float, t-shirts and the theme of ‘Love To Be’. Thanks also to our account managers Sinead and Danielle, the creative team and Richard Wylie.

Phil and Tracey Adlington from Redhead Foamworxfor doing a fabulous job creating our big red love heart and also for painting it for free and for throwing in 12 small love hearts without being asked.

Mick Hurst from Signwave for offering (without even being asked) to provide a substantial discount on the signage that we to acknowledge our offical sponsor.

Sharyn Brown from Mr Balloons for giving us a discount on the fabulous balloons that adorned our float.

Simone Drewry and Hannah Cooper from Mango PR for sourcing a videographer and photographer and for sharing Mardi Gras updates with our Facebook friends.

Andy Benke and Claire Murphy for being our DJs, for producing the track, organising the DJ equipment and pumping out the beats for our dance moves.

Bec Lorrimer from Bec Lorrimer Photography and Cinematography for being our unpaid photographer and enduring the pouring rain to capture the spirit of our float.

Steven Lattica from Negative Films for stepping in at the very last minute to be our unpaid videographer to make sure our dance moves were captured.

Louise Glance and Kate Talbot for being our unpaid make-up artists.

Sophie Ross for being our choreographer and for giving up Saturday mornings to turn a bunch of somewhat awkward dancers into a lean, mean Mardi Gras machine.

Photos from Mardi Gras 2012 (you can view more here)

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