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Wayside honey

Enjoy delicious Wayside honey harvested with love and care from beehives on our rooftop garden.

Wayside honey is pure, single origin and unprocessed with a uniquely delicious flavour. The beehives are located on the roof of Wayside where a 200 square metre garden filled with over 50 different varieties of organic fruit, herbs and vegetables flourishes all year round.

The garden features three beehives, the first of which was installed in 2012. Each hive has 40,000 to 50,000 worker bees producing more than 30 kilograms of honey a year. The bees pollinate plants in a five-kilometre radius, which takes in the nearby Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens, Centennial Park and smaller gardens on balconies and other rooftops.

You can taste the difference of honey produced by happy bees. The beehives are carefully attended to by participants in Wayside’s program for people with long-term mental health issues. Under the direction of Doug Purdie from The Urban Beehive, participants take great pride in looking after the bees.

Our honey is $25 and all proceeds go towards keeping Wayside's program areas open.

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Wayside Chai

Wayside's Masala Chai is an authentic and distinctive blend of traditional Indian spices combined with organic herbs from The Wayside Chapel's rooftop garden.

Our Masala Chai is made with love by our community for tea lovers everywhere, and includes aromatic herbs and spices like Cardamom, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Cloves and Ginger.

The Chai initiative provides opportunities for visitors to Wayside to learn the art of tea making and encourages training opportunities and pathways into employment for people facing homelessness, mental health issues and substance abuse.

One of our visitors who has benefitted from being involved in the Chai project is Andrew. A few years ago, Andrew made the decision to change his life. He got clean, got into stable housing, and began volunteering at Wayside. What started with a few casual shifts in the café, led to a course in barista coffee, and now Andrew has been offered a paid position at Wayside proudly spearheading the café’s latest Chai program.

Our Chai is all about creating pathways and engagement opportunities for our community. From the visitors who assist in the growing of our roof top herbs, to Andrew who processes, packages and brews it, to the community who come together while drinking it.

Find out more about our Chai and brewing tips here.

The Chai tea pack will be available for $14.50 and all proceeds go towards the Wayside Cafe.

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Our Wayside merchandise includes everything from t-shirts and caps, all emblazoned with our iconic Wayside logo. We also have a series of books like Stories from The Wayside and Graham Long's recent autobiography and memoir Love Over Hate: Finding Love By The Wayside.

Also, don't miss some great Wayside gift ideas like branded drink bottles and Keep Cups.

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