Sunday Sermons

Each week, Reverend Graham Long delivers a sermon at The Wayside Chapel's Sunday service.

2 April 2017

The moments that call you out of a "death cave"...listen

26 March 2017

There's Something About Mary - Assistant Pastor Jon Owen discusses the reading Luke 1...listen

19 March 2017

The woman at the well...listen

12 March 2017

Assistant Pastor Jon Owen asks: what is salvation in today's world?...listen

5 March 2017

If God had a name... listen

26 February 2017

Assistant Pastor Jon Owen explores what it is to be captured by the awesome...listen

30 October 2016
Let's improve on the Lord's Prayer... listen

4 September 2016

Ways to leave your lover... listen

7 August 2016

Where your treasure is... listen

31 July 2016

King Henry... listen

12 June 2016

Boundary keeping or boundary breaking... listen

5 June 2016

Stop worshipping Christ and start following Jesus... listen

29 May 2016

An awful meeting... listen

22 May 2016

What makes you ok... listen

8 May 2016

Unity - a really bad idea... listen

6 March 2016

The biggest mistake you'll ever make... listen

28 February 2016

There is no "self"... listen

21 February 2016

Why will no one listen to me?... listen

14 February 2016

Three temptations common to all religions... listen

7 February 2016

Prayer (transfiguration Sunday)... listen

31 January 2016

Love - its as easy and as tough as it gets... listen

10 January 2016

Baptism of the Holy Spirit... listen

20 December 2015

A Wayside Christmas... listen

13 December 2015

What on earth is repentance (Graham Long)... listen

6 December 2015

Walking the Camino (Marty Griffith)... listen

29 November 2015

Certain traps... listen

22 November 2015

Graham Long on "Rejecting brand Jesus"... listen

15 November 2015

Julian on "How you do love"... listen

8 November 2015

Cranky Jesus... listen

1 November 2015

Death... listen

25 October 2015

Andrew Windsor's sermon at The Wayside Chapel... listen

4 October 2015

Marriage equality?... listen

27 September 2015

We saw someone who wasn't one of us, so we shut him down... listen

20 September 2015

The power of the word... listen

6 September 2015

It's not about belief... listen

30 August 2015

In uncertain times, we tend to create certainty... listen

23 August 2015

Success and failure... listen

2 August 2015

Risk and sacrifice (part 2)... listen

26 July 2015

Risk and sacrifice (part 1)... listen

19 July 2015
Suck, swill, spit... listen

12 July 2015

A time to turn away from God... listen

5 July 2015

A higher vision for Australia... listen

28 June 2015

Getting captured by the awesome... listen

14 June 2015

Grace and human understanding... listen

7 June 2015 - Mark 3: 20 - 35

What is evil and who is the devil?... listen

19 April 2015 - John 3: 1 - 7

Sin is an anomaly... listen

12 April 2015

The way... listen

29 March 2015 - Palm Sunday

In just one sentence... listen

22 March 2015 - John 12: 20 - 33

The most difficult discussions are about the most obvious things... listen

15 March 2015 - Ephesians 2: 1 - 10

The problem of getting what you want... listen

22 February 2015 - Mark 1: 9-15

Turning to life... listen

8 February 2015 - 1 Cor 9: 19-23

Walk with me and you'll get it... listen

1 February 2015 - 1 Cor 8: 1 - 13

Puff or build... listen

11 January 2014 - Mark 1: 4-11

Epiphany - the baptism of Jesus... listen

23 November 2014 - Matthew 25: 31-46

It's not what you believe, it's what you do...listen

16 November 2014 - Matthew 25: 14 - 30

Important investment or peasant’s joke...listen

9 November 2014 - Matthew 25: 1 - 13

Enter life only by invitation...listen

26 October 2014 - Matthew 22: 34 - 40

To love God is to love neighbour...listen

3 August 2014 - Matthew 14: 13 - 21

You're little bit will be well enough... listen

27 July 2014 - Romans 8: 26-39

You're the perfect example of yourself... listen

20 July 2014 - Romans 8: 12 - 25

It matters what you do ...listen

1 June 2014 - John 17: 1 - 11

What do we mean by “glory”...listen

25 May 2014 - 1 John

Love is all you need... listen

4 May 2014 - I Peter 1: 17 - 23

Where’s your centre... listen

20 April 2014 - Easter Sunday - John 20: 11 - 18

A home for your crushed heart - a destiny for your feet...listen

16 March 2014 - John 3: 1-11

For God so loved the world... listen

9 March 2014 - Matthew 4: 1-1

The temptations of Jesus...listen

23 February 2014 - Matthew 5: 38 - 48

'Living before the face' is about the difference between the power of power and the power of presence... listen

16 February 2014 - Matthew 5: 21-27

The dangers of reading the bible in a fundamentalist kind of way. ...listen

9 February 2014 - Matthew 5: 13 - 16

Why we should not be evangelical Christians...listen

12 January 2014 - Matthew 3: 13-17

'When heaven speaks your name' is the title of the sermon on Matthew 3: 13-17... listen

5 January 2014 - Psalm 84

In his sermon on Pslam 84 (which you can read here), Graham speaks about a cry for life... listen

Love Over Hate: Finding life by the wayside

In the lead up to the launch of his book, Graham Long was interviewed on radio stations across the country. Listen to the podcasts to be inspired and moved.

Sen1116 - Monday, 12 August

Reverend Graham Long joined Glenn Ridge... listen

ABC Radio National - Monday, 5 August

Natasha Mitchell talks to Graham about finding beauty and dignity in Kings Cross... listen

Adelaide 5aa - Tuesday, 30 July 2013

During an interview on Adelaide 5aa with Belinda Heggen, a woman rings up to tell a moving story from 30 years earlier about Graham placing five foster children with her... Listen to Part 1here and Part 2 here.

ABC Classic FM - Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Margaret Throsby talks to Graham about his book and the difficulties he's faced in his own life...listen.

ABC 702 Sydney - Monday, 29 July 2013

James Valentine relishes in the opportunity to put Graham in the hot seat and pose him questions about his life and his thoughts on love, hate, power and the ‘self’...listen.

The Inner Circle on ABC 702

Each Monday, on the Afternoon Show with James Valentine, Graham reads out a letter to Wayside's Inner Circle. Part story, part theology, part philosophy, it's a different view on life each week.

A community of no judgement

Graham explains the history and importance of The Wayside Chapel...listen

I am therefore I think
When Descartes got modernity off to a false start with, “I think therefore I am”, he couldn’t have been more wrong...listen

Sensitive people miss all the best views

On a trip to get some fresh air last week, a couple was staying in a country hotel. The man realised that he'd not seen his partner in a while and walked out the back to find her hanging... listen

You cannot take what can only be given

It's not the warmest of days and I just saw a woman wearing a blanket and nothing else. I've not seen her before but I introduced myself and told her that if she walks to Wayside we'd find her some clothes to wear... listen

Love in the ups and downs

Sadness is often thought of as a problem. In our over-medicated world, some people find themselves in the health system and even placed in a chemically induced fog so that they don't feel the full effect of their sadness. But sadness is as necessary as oxygen... listen

Everday a deliberate dose of love

This morning in our cafe I celebrated with a 50 cent cup of coffee. A sensitive and beautiful man told me how he was on his way to pay the rent when he got a phone call from a dealer, inviting him to "get on" for the day...listen

Time flies even when you're not having fun

In a nursing home this week, sitting next to my dear old Mum, I was singing "Daisy, Daisy" with a dozen poor old sausages in a dementia ward. One lady was getting into the swing of it, swivelling in her chair. ...listen

Dead right

One day this week at about 1.30pm in the afternoon, we had maybe 50 or 60 people milling around out the front of the building. At the same time we had a community lunch that was just finishing and so another 50 people were coming down the stairs to make their way through the crowd or to join the crowd for a short time... listen

Meeting and moving
Our day began yesterday with a visit from the Governor of NSW. What an inspiring person! She inspected the new building and told us that, "Wayside is the jewel in the crown of Sydney"... listen

Now here's a challenge from the Wayside
A young woman was advising me a few minutes ago on the state of my shoes. She thought that I'd shown poor taste in buying these shoes in the first place... listen

A wink and a wave from the wayside

The rug got pulled from underneath a rough sleeper this week when he got word that his father was fighting for his life in intensive care... listen

Sometimes love shakes with rage

Bewildered and sad is about the only way I can describe my day yesterday. A kid in his teens told me that he used to inject drugs with his mother and also with his father at times... listen

A little lift from the wayside

One of our volunteers stepped into my office yesterday with eyes filled with tears. She said, "You don't know why I'm here at Wayside do you?".... listen

Wayside wonders

The freedom to "have a go" is one of the greatest losses for people who live on the street or battle with long term mental health issues.... listen

A wee wave from the wayside

Why on earth don't we get the UN to buy the whole heroin crop from farmers in Afghanistan to use it for legitimate medical needs around the world.... listen


Interview with Graham Long on Adelaide 5aa


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