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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Dear Inner Circle,

The treasure of this country does not lie under the ground but is to be found in our schools. I haven’t stepped foot into a school since my kids were little and last week I spoke across NSW in 12 schools. Actually I stopped counting after school three but I think it was 12 schools. We frequently hear expressions of despair about our young but to actually tour our schools and meet our kids would fill anyone with hope and optimism. I was blown away by the beauty and the character of the hundreds of kids I met. Surely education should be the first priority for investment by our governments and teaching should be esteemed as among the highest of professions. The NSW Australian of the Year crew are to be congratulated for turning an annual award into an event that inspires hundreds of school children. The tour itself in my view was more important than the award. We raced from school to school from Annandale to Wagga Wagga. Award winners, Jules, Genevieve, Cory and I had only just met on Wednesday and yet we worked as a well practiced team born out of mutual respect. It became obvious along the way that I was a city boy. In Temora (I think) I asked a kid what kind of farm he lived on. He said that his dad grows canola and wheat. “Any animals?” I asked. “He has a thousand head of sheep” he said. I then asked, “Does he have any whole sheep or just heads?” The look on the little boy’s face was priceless.

A tough little nut said to me just now, “I know you’re a hard man”. “Not only am I not a hard man” I said, “my only trick is that I am a tower of weakness for people”. “Well you’d look down on me” he said. “Are you fighting something big?” I asked. He began to weep and we sat on a bench at the front of our building. He told me why he’d served a long prison sentence. Most everyone I know holds something against themselves. It shows in how quickly we are to look down on someone else. If we can make a judgement about someone else, perhaps we’ll silence our inner haunting voice. It shows in the countless hours lost making our case, wearing out friendships while we look for an uninformed jury to acquit us. It shows in the way we seek to comfort through food, drink and things. It is a rare moment indeed when we can be with someone and speak the worst. This man risked everything today. We stood, we embraced and he walked away.

It was quite dark when I walked out the front door last night and a lovely old rough diamond said, “Going home now Rev?” I told him that I still had two meetings ahead before my day was finished. He came close as if he was going say something quite confidential, “You need to go missin' Rev. That’s what I do.”

I went to the footy on Saturday night. I don’t understand the first thing about football but I wanted to support Adam Goodes. Actually I think the footballers themselves were quite confused as they seemed to be running in entirely different directions each quarter. I think the Swans should learn Adam’s dance and perform it as a team. I think the whole country should learn Adam’s dance and perform it the same way that New Zealanders proudly do the Haka. Tears ran down my face this week as I saw a clip of 1,300 school boys do the Haka before the hearse that carried the body of their teacher. Such defiance in the face of death. I wished that I could have stood with others and bent my knees, slapped my arms and contorted my face, and yelled in defiance in front of the hearse that carried my son’s body. What a precious gift New Zealanders have inherited from their first peoples. What riches could be ours in this country if only we recognised a gift when we saw it.

Thanks for being part of our inner circle,


Rev Graham Long

CEO & Pastor

The Wayside Chapel

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