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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Dear Inner Circle,

From about fifty feet away, a booming voice yelled, “Is the complaints department open yet?” “No” I responded, unable to match the volume coming at me. “I never take complaints before the first cup of coffee”. The voice could register on the Richter scale and I wasn’t sure it was friendly until I was right beside a bloke that looked like he’d lived rough for a long time. Although the face was uncared for, a smile communicated wonderful warmth. I sat beside him and it became clear that he was just happy to talk to me for a while. When I got up to walk away, he said, “I’ll save my complaints for another day”.

How disappointing love can be. I remember when my son was little, after a rough day I’d rushed home without a chance of buying him one of the little surprises that I’d normally have with me. He searched my pockets and could hardly believe that he found nothing. I tried to calm him by saying, “Dad doesn’t have any lollies or surprises today, I only have love.” He threw the biggest tantrum imaginable. Countless times since then I’ve brought discontent when all I had to offer was love not lollies; presence not presents. It’s especially hard when someone asks me to fix something that I’d desperately love to fix. Then I’m a disappointment to myself. When my son died, I was helping his widow get the kids through the bath one evening and our four-year old looked at me with a hopeful face that I will never forget. “Can you bring my Daddy back?” she asked. I was shot in the heart and stayed that way for days because there is nothing in this world I wanted to do more than bring her Daddy back. It took me ages to realise that I could do no more for this precious girl than I could do for anyone else. I could only be with her. I was living in the shock. I was living in the disconnect of the unthinkable. I was living in the powerlessness and the broken heartedness of love. How I wish I was superman, faster than a speeding bullet, but I’m only a man. I’ve shared all this before but this week on several occasions, people have looked into my face, looking for magic and have been disappointed to discover only love.

Yesterday I heard a classic bit of gutter counselling. The counsellor was a rough diamond with a beautiful caring heart. I couldn’t catch all that was being said because of the traffic noise but I heard a few sentences. The counsellor was saying, “Man! You start to use drugs and it’s just recreation and all is cool. Then you’re doing it regularly and it becomes something of a lifestyle”. Then he looked at me for the first time and said, “Then you think to yourself, ‘I’ve just spent ten years thinking mostly about drugs!’” The man being counselled doesn’t have any drug problems but he does have a real battle with the black dog. The counsellor then said something quite revealing and with real insight. “Occasionally,” he said, “you’ll be travelling along a road and you’ll see another road that should have been the one you were travelling on. It could have been your road instead of the dumb road you’re on.” The fellow being counselled looked at me and said, “I think someone threw away my global positioning system.”

We’ve lots happening this month at Wayside. For the next three Tuesday nights at Bondi I’m teaching a course on the history of philosophy. It’s a quick dose of ancient on week one, medieval on week two and modern on week three. It is the broadest of brushes but it will give some ideas on how our culture was formed. It’s already heavily booked but there is room for a few more. We’ve also got a four-part series with Yoke Magazine starting tonight at Kings Cross. The sessions will combine yoga with discussions on service to the community, you can book your tickets here. Next Thursday, 8 September at 4pm the lovely Indira Naidoo will be hosting a tour of our rooftop garden. And finally, at 3pm on Sunday, 11 September, there be a concert given by The Café of the Gate of Salvation in our chapel at Wayside Bondi. I promise you that if you’re feeling a bit ordinary, this concert will lift and inspire you. Find out more about all these events here.

As I write this, the next Wayside book is being printed. It’s a follow up to Stories from the Wayside and it’s an absolute cracker. Photographer Gary Heery has found beauty in the faces of people in our community in a way that will warm your heart. It also includes a series of letters that I’ve written to people who have impacted my life, along with excerpts from the Inner Circle. We’re currently seeking the expertise of a publicist and an event manager to help us launch the book. If you’re interested in finding out more, please email Laura Henry.

That’s enough eh? Thanks for being part of this inner circle,


Rev Graham Long AM

CEO & Pastor

The Wayside Chapel

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