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Workplace Giving Program

Workplace Giving at Wayside

If you’re thinking about making a regular donation, giving through an employee payroll program is a simple and effective way to maximise the value of those generously given dollars.

Becoming involved in our workplace giving program is a simple, easy and affordable way of supporting The Wayside Chapel. You can become an active member of this program by donating through your employer’s payroll system from as little as $5 a week.

What is workplace giving at The Wayside Chapel?

Workplace giving is a program that enables you to donate small amounts to The Wayside Chapel on a regular basis, through your employer’s payroll department. Each pay period you can nominate to donate a small amount to The Wayside Chapel. Your employer will collect this and pass the donation on to Waysidel. It’s simple, it’s easy, and small amounts make a huge difference to what we do.

Will my employer also donate?

Many companies with a workplace giving program will also provide matched donations up to a maximum amount. This means that for every dollar you donate to The Wayside Chapel your employer will also donate a dollar - doubling your contribution to what we do. We encourage you to check your employer’s policy on matched giving.

How do I get involved?

There are some simple steps to get involved in workplace giving:

1. Ask your employer if they have a workplace giving program
2. Register for workplace giving at your organisation
3. Nominate The Wayside Chapel as your preferred charity
4. Select the amount per pay period you would like to contribute
5. Stay in touch with us!


What if my employer does not have a work place giving program?
Start one! If you would like to contribute to The Wayside Chapel through workplace giving, but your organisation does not currently have a program in place let us know and we can provide you some guidance as to how to get this started in your workplace. We can also put you in touch with organisations that have been through the process of setting up workplace giving to share their experience. More information on setting up a workplace giving program can also be found from:

Australian Charities Fund
Charities Aid Foundation


What if The Wayside Chapel is not on our preferred charity list?
Nominate The Wayside Chapel! If you would like to contribute to The Wayside Chapel through workplace giving but we are not on your organisation’s preference charity list then let us know and we can work with you to arrange this.

What will my donation go towards?

Your regular donations will make a huge difference to what we do at The Wayside Chapel. Your donations will go towards funding the provision of services. This includes funding the Nomad Cafe, the Community Service Centre, Wayside Youth, and the Day to Day Living Program
The workplace giving program allows us to receive donations as a lump sum from each employer, so we save on much of the administration costs of fundraising meaning that your donations go directly to providing services.

What are the tax implications of giving through my employer?

Donations through workplace giving are tax deductable and generally the deduction is made at the time of giving, as donations reduce your gross taxable income. Check out the Australian Taxation Office (www.ato.gov.au) for more information on the tax implications of contributing through workplace giving.

What are the benefits for my employer?
By donating through your employer’s workplace giving program your employer may receive the following benefits:

• Opportunities for staff team building activities
• Recognition on our website
• Fulfillment of corporate social responsibility commitments
• Long term partnership opportunities

Can I become more involved with The Wayside Chapel?

There are lots of ways to become more involved at The Wayside Chapel, and to see first hand how your donations are being used. Here are some examples:

• Stay in touch through our weekly Inner Circle newsletter
• Join The Wayside Chapel as a friend on facebook
• Become a Wayside volunteer
• Assist with additional fundraising activities and events through your workplace
• Become The Wayside Chapel champion in your work place
• Organise a team building day with your fellow employees through corporate volunteer days at The Wayside Chapel

Companies involved in our workplace giving program
We are so grateful for the support provided by the employees of:

How can I find out more?
Contact Sarah Whitaker on sarah.whitaker@thewaysidechapel.com or on 9581 9100 to find out how your organisation can become involved in our workplace giving program. We are also able to assist you with setting up a program in your workplace.

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